Conference program

Preliminary list of Topics and Lecturers

  • * Basics in Topography and Aberrations, Diagnostics and Applications – How to treat irregular Astigmatism
    Dr. Mirko Resan (Serbia)
  • * Corneal graft and their therapeutically consequences
    Dr. Horace Massa (Switzerland)
  • * Soft contact lens fitting –How it started and where we are today
    MSc. Helmer Schweizer (Switzerland)
  • * Irregular cornea -scleral contact lens
    dr Dragomir Stamenković (Serbia)
  • * How to calculate the target refraction of the cataract surgery as a customize procedure. The high impact of the Biometry
    Prof. Miroslav Vukosavljević (Serbia)
  • * Is the ecological validity of standard binocular testing adequate?
    Dr. Paolo Tacconella (Italy)
  • * Title in progress
    Dr. Andras Szigeti (United Kingdom)

Life Surgery

  • * Aspects and function of an optometrist before and during the laser assisted refractive surgery
    Prof Bojan Pajić (Switzerland/Serbia)