About Novi Sad

In 2019 Novi Sad is European Youth Capital while in 2021 Novi Sad will be European Capital of Culture. Due to title of European Youth Capital 2019 Novi Sad will be full of interesting and attractive cultural happenings over the whole year.

Novi Sad is a town of broad boulevards, wonderful buildings surrounded by parks and green spaces, tidy streets and numerous spots for fun and relaxation. With its 400.000 inhabitants, the town found its place by the left Danube River bank, in south Bačka.

Since it became the centre of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina during the socialist period, Novi Sad stands as the political, economical, cultural, educational and every other centre of Serbia’s northern province.

Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, lies on the Danube, between Belgrade and Budapest, and is a regional and cultural centre. Thanks to its favorable position on the Danube and at the crossing of many roads, Novi Sad has excellent connections with towns and cities in the region.

It is 83 km north-west of Belgrade, about 300 km south of Budapest, 450 km east of Ljubljana, 330 km east of Zagreb, 500 km north of Podgorica, 150 km west of Timişoara and 100 km south of Subotica and the Hungarian border.

Welcome to Novi Sad, welcome to Serbian Athens, a beautiful town, where the cheerful people will greet You with open heart, honestly and friendly.

For more information about Novi Sad please visit The Novi Sad Tourist Organization website  www.turizamns.rs/en